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At CURO, our services are more than steps to be completed. They are opportunities to create something extraordinary.

From an initial consultancy to construction management, we are committed to transform your vision into spaces that reflect your personality. Every detail is meticulously considered, every line drawn has its purpose

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Construção de 'Raíz'
'Root' Construction

'Root Project' is a common term that refers to an Architectural Project, which starts from scratch, without starting from an existing structure. It presupposes the creation of a new building or space, from an empty area, requiring all stages of the process, from the development of its concept to its execution.

Building Rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation Project involves the renovation or restoration of existing buildings that may be deteriorated, outdated or in a poor state of conservation. It is a process that aims to improve the structure, functionality and appearance of the building, while preserving its historical and/or cultural value.

Consultoria de Interiores
Interior Consulting
Consulting involves specialized guidance, helping you with various aspects of redesigning your space. It includes an initial concept, selection of materials, planning and functionality of the spaces, even sustainability issues and how to get around the budget in detriment of what you need.