Get to know CURO,
our history and mission

In a world of lines, geometries and shapes, CURO it's a creative refuge. Here we delve into the personal stories of those who dream of having their project, transforming spaces, not just into built volumes, but into places that echo your individuality.

Behind each design stage, there is always someone to guide and help you throughout the process.
I invite you to get to know me and connect with my story.

The CURO that lives in Ana

At CURO, it is assumed that Architecture is not a luxury, it is a right. CURO has its space, its way of being, social care and its impulse to give something to the community.

At CURO there is sharing, expansion of your story and drawing new paths every morning.

Founded in 2021, the studio was the escape valve to materialize projects that were hidden in drawers. The core of CURO is to rethink the act of dwelling, making houses, objects and projects a possible idea.

Serious, colourless and soulless architecture finds a healing space here.

O CURO que vive na Ana
A Ana que vive no CURO
Ana who lives in CURO

Ana was born an architect. She acquired a Master's degree from the University of Coimbra and the Università degli Studi Roma Tre, but she has been an architect since she was little, as a child she created dreams, played with colors.

As a young adult, she devised plans to get to where she is today and, now, she devises paths to go further. This because: Being an architect is like being a poet: inherent to the human being.

A happily immutable role, a welcome sentence. Ana says: 'the architect is a creator and the work is born from his/hers first thought'.

That creation is life. It's like A(i)R-chitecture.

Awards and Nominations

(2011) Light ChallengeHonorable Mention

With: arch.ª Andreia Janela

(2017) CyclopsHonorable Mention
(2018) Chashitsu Finalist
(2018) Notos Finalist
(2018) UrsulaHonorable Mention
(2019) Selene Finalist
(2020) Tori Finalist
(2020) Think small, design even smallerHonorable Mention
(2021) Forest Finalist
2023) Deference Finalist

With: arch. Nide Santos + arch. Samuel Leite

(2023) de profundis3rd Place Public Competition

With: arch. Nide Santos + arch. Samuel Leite

(2024) Ethereal – 2nd Place Private Competition

Prémios e Nomeações