How to refurbish and decorate a local accommodation in Portugal

remodelar alojamento local

Refurbishing a local accommodation is an important step to ensure a comfortable experience for your guests. As an architecture office in Portugal, we have extensive experience in transforming spaces, making them functional, aesthetically pleasing, and aligned with our clients' expectations. Today, we share some essential tips for those who wish to refurbish and/or decoratea local accommodation.

1. Initial Assessment of the Space

Before starting any refurbishing, it is essential to conduct a detailed assessment of the existing space. Analyze the structure, the layout of the spaces, the condition of the infrastructure (such as plumbing and electricity), as well as the natural lighting, which is very important. This analysis will help identify strengths to maintain and areas that need intervention. Some properties only need a decorative touch, while others acquired for investment require a complete renovation.

2. Planning and Budget

Planning is the key to a successful refurbishment. Set a realistic budget and a timeline for the execution of the work. Consider the costs of materials, labor, and possible unforeseen expenses. A well-defined plan helps to avoid unpleasant surprises and ensures that the project is completed within the stipulated timeline and budget.

3. Space Optimisation

Optimising the space is essential in a local accommodation. Think about functionality and the flow of the environments. An open kitchen and living area can create a sense of spaciousness and encourage social interaction. Well-distributed bedrooms with adequate storage provide comfort and organisation for guests.

If the property has any outdoor areas, such as gardens, balconies, or yards, it's important that everything is well-maintained and functional to avoid giving the impression of neglect. Decorate with lounge chairs, swings, or other inviting furniture. In some cases, you can design a barbecue area or install a hot tub, for example. 

4. Selection of Materials and Finishes

Choose durable and easy-to-maintain materials. Tiles, flooring, and surfaces that withstand wear and tear are essential to ensure the longevity of the accommodation. Additionally, it's important to choose finishes that convey a cozy and modern atmosphere, harmonising colours and textures.

5. Comfort and Functionality

Guests value comfort and functionality. Invest in quality beds, comfortable bedding, and ergonomic furniture. Equipping the kitchen with basic utensils and modern appliances is equally important. Don't forget about climate control: air conditioning in summer and heating in winter are essential for guest comfort. 

6. Decorative Details

Details make the difference. Decorate the space tastefully, using elements that reflect the local identity and Portuguese culture. Paintings, photographs, handicrafts, and plants can create a unique and welcoming atmosphere. Remember not to overcrowd the space, maintaining a balance between decoration and functionality.

The location of the property can also influence the style of decoration. In major urban centers, it may attract more business clients; near the beach, it attracts more leisure tourists. A large house with many rooms is more practical for groups and families with children, while a one-bedroom apartment or studio is ideal for couples or independent travellers.  

Understanding your audience and what focus you intend makes it easier to think about decoration for your local accommodation. 

7. Sustentability

Sustainability is a growing trend valued by tourists. Use eco-friendly materials and implement solutions that reduce energy and water consumption. LED lighting systems, solar panels, and water-saving devices are some of the options that can be incorporated into the refurbishing.

8. Modern Technologies

Integrate modern technologies into your local accommodation. High-speed Wi-Fi, smart TVs, and home automation systems can enhance the guest experience. Digital keys, for example, facilitate check-in and check-out, providing a more convenient and secure experience.

9. Compliance with Legal Regulations

Ensure that the refurbishment complies with all legal standards and local regulations. Safety, accessibility, and licensing issues are crucial to avoid future problems. Consult local authorities and obtain the necessary permits before starting the work. 

10. Hiring Professionals

Refurbishing a local accomodation requires technical knowledge and experience. Hire qualified professionals such as architects, engineers, and interior designers to ensure an excellent result. The guidance of experts can make all the difference in the final quality of the project.

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Talk to CURO to refurbish your local accommodation

Refurbishing a local accommodation in Portugal is an excellent opportunity to create an attractive and functional space capable of providing unforgettable experiences for your guests. With careful planning, appropriate choice of materials, and attention to details, it's possible to transform any space into a place of hospitality and comfort. If you need help with your project, CURO it's here to make your dream come true!